Green Innovating – How to beat the competition in an uncertain world

Successful industry leaders realize that even in the current economic turmoil, innovation is essential to staying competitive and growing the business. Innovative innovators are entering a new design space and are discovering that it has the potential to radically change our world for the better and give their companies the right advantage of being at […]

How B2B Clients Do Business Now

Keeping pace with the development of current and future clients’ minds and practices is usually a challenge for independent professionals operating in the “new economy”. Signing up a good customer is not easy, what with the tendency not to spend money being all the rage. Solopreneurs can only thrive by staying one step ahead of […]

How To Use Sampling To Improve Your Sales

I recently watched Crazy People. I must tell you, it has practically become an obsession. Although Sterling Cooper was a traditional advertising agency, they still occasionally hit some good ideas for their clients. An example was the use of coupons. While this article is not about using coupons in itself, we will talk about sampling […]

3 tips for marketing your tennis club

In this article, I have 3 tips that you should use for all your sales companies because they will help you get more money. In this new economy we live in, you have to count on every dollar. Keep these 3 tips in mind when implementing your sales campaigns. 1). Commitment. You need to make […]