8 Computer solutions at the forefront of the new economy

In recent years, we have seen new and attractive technologies that promise a more decentralized and secure economy. In this article, I have included some of the key players in this emerging market. 1. Golemi Golem is an open source, decentralized computer network. How Golem works The Golem Network is a marketplace for computing power, […]

The only failure is not participating

Instead of being interested in the idea of ​​the new economy, we should be pro-active and participate in it. Acquire the necessary skills and thrive! Despite higher expectations, the new economy is not about new technology. It has to do with knowledge, and that is why it is sometimes called the knowledge economy. Someone who […]

A new franchise model for baby boomers

In our new economy, so many baby boomers find it challenging to place their niche. They almost feel abandoned, even though they have laid a substantial foundation and legacy over the last 50+ years. When the economy reversed in 2005, many baby boomers were laid off or forced to close their guilds and mortar businesses […]

5 Website Improvement Ideas for the New Economy

Over the past few months, we have all been focused on passing the pandemic healthy and safe. If you’re a small business owner, you’re also trying to survive and thrive – whether you’re creating or updating an e-commerce website, selling a new product that’s in demand, or offering delivery or delivery to customers. The pandemic […]

Want to make a MINT in this new economy?

Returning to business in a slower economy gives us a huge opportunity to improve our tools for business growth. We can use this breathing space in the economy to strengthen our core skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in difficult times. As I always say, you can’t build a castle on sand. Strengthening your […]