Feeling dull for minutes – review "Not having us"

The book that is the subject of this review is a book by John Taylor Guth Imprison us: a hidden program of compulsory schooling. It is a collection of several essays and speeches written by an author advocating for the reform of the American education system.
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Gato’s main premise is that our schools do exactly what was intended, and do it brilliantly. Unfortunately, schools, however, are not designed to teach anyone; on the contrary, they are designed to bring citizens out of mass production, just as an assembly line can produce machines that are almost identical in their finished products. This process does not require teaching students – it simply requires imprisonment in the school system for a few hours a day, as well as continuing school in the form of homework and television. In fact, Gatto also includes modern television programs that promote a false education that is disguised as “schooling”.
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Instead of getting an actual education, school students follow a different kind of lesson plan. Some of the lessons they learn include confusion, class attitude, indifference, emotional dependence, intellectual dependence, temporary self-esteem, and the fact that students cannot hide. This education leads to the fact that graduates have never been given time to develop an individual, cannot self-reflect and whose self-esteem and self-confidence are entirely based on external factors such as grades, gold stars or a positive effect. performance review by supervisors. The permanent title of the school, which signals a change of period, also leads to the fact that students are taught that nothing in life should end, so nothing should be started. It’s just better to take their place, although no one can understand why they are given a place and what they should do with it if no one says what to do.
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The author also argues that the modern school system creates psychological problems in students who end up with a life full of addiction and futility. The school’s products, according to Gato, are indifferent to the world of adults and refuse to grow, they have very little curiosity, a bad sense of the future, a bad sense of the past, a middle lane aimed at other students, teachers, and others restless in any situation requiring intimacy , materialistic and unable to cope with new challenges. Understandably, these challenges make students the ideal product needed in an economy based on mass production and cheap labor.
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In terms of solutions, Gatto recommends homeschooling with an emphasis on family and community involvement. Schools, social clubs and professional organizations, as they are only networks, will not be able to replace the community and family life of the child. No matter how many networks a person has, they will not meet a person’s emotional needs. Gato gives an example of the reader’s question of how quickly they began to forget the names of classmates, teammates, or club friends, and compares this to the number of aunts and uncles that the reader forgot. It is designed to reinforce the idea that family and community ties are more important to a person’s individuality than untied ties associated with most networks.
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Gato’s conclusion is that there is no right way to teach people in general. They need to educate themselves, find their own interests and develop their own internal processes.
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Mass training will only increase the number of people who are controlled by the media and work in an economy that requires mass subordination to menial labor. Imprison us: a hidden program of compulsory schooling details the problems and solutions to the widespread psychological problems of many members of society, and guilt is blamed simply on the fact that mass-produced students who have weak family and social ties and are always fighting for “good marks” from higher education who are lonely, desperate and unhappy, they lack the experience of self-education and are indifferent to almost everything except the present environment – the perfect finished product of schooling. As Gato emphasizes, “education and schooling, as we all know, are mutually exclusive.”
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