Katie Freyling’s Manifesto on the Wealth of Social Networks and the One Tribe – An Initial Review

Katie Freiling, author of the Social Media Manifesto, is an expert in using social media to promote yourself, your brand and your business. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that she is now handing out her new manifesto to promote her latest product, The One Tribe.

What is a single tribe?

According to the teasers in the manifesto, the “United Tribe” will be a means for like-minded entrepreneurs to unite and create a new economy on social media. According to Katie, this new economy will encourage people to build businesses based on their interests and life goals. It should be an economy based on cooperation, not on competition, in which everyone helps everyone else get social protection and social noise by promoting each other’s goods on their own lists.

The United Tribe, which opens in late April 2010 (more than a week after its manifesto was released), also allegedly provides an automated content syndication system and perpetual traffic that will provide each member with maximum exposure through social media every second member. It will also contain university social networks and blogs.

Can the Manifesto stand alone?

But what about the manifesto itself? Well, based on my initial reading, two things are clear.

First, the material is based on and reinforces the information provided in a free video course on income conversion on social media, which Katie distributes on her blog. Since Katie has successfully made a good profit using these techniques, they are obviously working.

Second, Katie was obviously listening to her teacher Eben Pegan, who is a leading advocate of “moving the free line”. That is, Eben believes that you should do your best to increase the value of your prospects, including handing out the best material.

And that’s exactly what Katie seems to have done in her manifesto. Even without the “One Tribe,” anyone who implements information in the manifesto is sure to see a significant, long-term increase in site visits. And at the same time, there will probably be very high conversion traffic.

Among the topics covered:

  • How to create and structure your own social network,
  • How to automate relationship building,
  • How to develop your social networks,
  • What and how to promote, and
  • How is it all monetized

Combined with The Unified Tribe, since the site hasn’t been up for more than a week, we’ll have to wait and see. But if there are any signs in the manifesto, the combination could be dynamite!

I would encourage everyone to at least read Katie’s manifesto and then decide if you want to check out the new website when it opens next week.