Shift Markets Fast

Relationship economics creates shifts. There are many “shifts” that occur around us, some large and some small, as well as those under the currents of shifts that take place. Many, if not all, of the shifts are being perpetuated by technological advances, both in the technology itself and by users’ adaptation to it.

Shifts are disrupting all industries and have the potential to accelerate further change in personal as well as professional environments. These shifts are of a global nature, technology is a global force that is not isolated in any country or region.

Change is forcing a different view of strategy, one that requires alternative thinking to past paradigms of change.

The big one will have a different kind of grandeur and the small one will become the central node of height. The new economy will shift to the middle space where adaptation and innovation are faster than too big and too small.

Change occurs when multiple factors come together and create a new or dynamic system that serves customers better than the previous system. Systemic shifts can occur gradually or all of a sudden when the driving factors come together, the shift occurs.

Shifts are taking place in the following categories of market-centric social networks and users:

Advertising are looking for new methods and models to reach target audiences.

Marketing: Brands are looking for and adopting new marketing channels.

Technology: Technological improvements are accelerating faster than the average user can sustain.

Communications: New media and an increase in communications.
Industry specific initiatives: Many brands and entire industries are turning to social media networks to improve customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Media: Many media companies are only recognizing the impact of social media on traditional media methods.

Financiar: New methods and models are being developed to create economies of personal brand, services and products offered.

Telecommunications: Mobile social networking applications are spreading the deck of mobile devices globally.

Your world: As more adults are jumping in and learning the value attributes of social media, the learning curve is steep.

You: You are directly and indirectly influenced by these dynamics.

All of these dynamics collectively point to the potential for significant disruption for those who are unprepared or unaware. The impact of these dynamics will create strategic shifts for all business models and tools. Old strategies are no longer important, new strategies are dynamic and appear moment by moment. However there is a macro landscape of strategic issues that provide the basis for thinking, or rethinking business and personal progress. Great will have a different kind of liveliness.

Relationship Economics encourages middle space. It provides technology to feed medium miracles. Being able to capture these dynamics is critical to effective strategic thinking. These dynamics are shifting every week and in the past the dynamics of business change occurred two or three times a year at most. Dynamics permeates all dimensions of life as we know it and new dimensions and a new reality is being formed before our eyes.

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