Green Innovating – How to beat the competition in an uncertain world


Successful industry leaders realize that even in the current economic turmoil, innovation is essential to staying competitive and growing the business. Innovative innovators are entering a new design space and are discovering that it has the potential to radically change our world for the better and give their companies the right advantage of being at the top. That space is green.
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Business innovates by developing new and disruptive technologies, refining existing technologies or developing new applications for existing technologies. The innovator or innovation team divides the task into three segments: problem solving, creative solution of ideas and putting it all together. The basic goal is a product or process that is better, cheaper, faster, or all three.
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What is Green Innovation?

Green innovation results in a product or process that has environmentally neutral attributes or reduced resource needs. Green Innovation expands the innovation box to include the product or environmental footprint processes. It also fulfills the basic goal of better, cheaper, faster.
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Environmentally neutral products and processes are those in which the use of material, water and energy is eliminated, minimized or replaced by other sources that have less impact on the environment. Environmental footprint takes into account the sustainability of the raw materials used, how the product or process is packaged, transported, used and disposed of.
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It may not be intuitive that a company can achieve a significant competitive advantage given the environment. The perception is that consumers and businesses are reluctant to buy green products or services. Reasons given include prohibitive costs, maintenance concerns, and general aesthetics. Companies that have already moved along the path of green innovation are turning these reasons into myths by developing products and processes that incorporate these features that all translate into reduced costs and a better price point:

  • Reduced energy consumption,
  • Easy to recycle or made from recycled material to get started,
  • Use less material,
  • Occupy less space,
  • Use less packaging materials or require less maintenance.

Three new potentially disruptive green technologies
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Hikrete is a new product that is positioned to disrupt the concrete industry. This material is a mixture that closes the capillaries in the concrete, making it waterproof. Extends the useful life of concrete and also facilitates recycling. The current industry standard uses plastic vapor barriers and outer coatings, which offer similar costs but without recyclability. Hikret has the potential to push users towards a recyclable product as the deconstruction of buildings and the recycling or reuse of materials is being done cost-effectively compared to disposal.
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High temperature microwave ovens, such as those manufactured by Spheric Technologies, are changing the ceramics industry just as microwave ovens changed our home cooking habits. Microwave heating uses up to 80 percent less energy than conventional gas, electric or coal ovens and this reduces processing time by 90 percent.
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Microwave heating produces a better ceramic product with fewer defects than traditional thermal methods. The methodology has the potential to bleed into other industries where high temperature processes are needed and where fossil fuel costs have become a driving factor to identify other technologies.
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The behavior natural light in trouble-free buildings related to controlling heat and light transmission has resulted in another example of potentially disruptive green technologies. Electrochromatics Sage has taken on the green inorganic chemical chemistry, developing a new electro-coating formulation that produces an “intelligent glass” that, when applied lightly, can modulate the amount of light and heat transmitted through the glass, improving thus the convenience of indoor space while offering relief for energy bills. The advantage over curtains or shadows directed by the sensor has no moving parts and less material, thus lower cost.
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Use green to renew

It starts at the problem definition stage. Consider the gallon milk container. How do you redefine or improve this product to meet the best, cheapest, fastest demand considering the environment?
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Plastic milk container, a 1960s innovation that includes a carrying handle that allowed eight pounds (1 gallon) of milk to be conveniently packaged, carries a large environmental footprint compared to its size. The polyethylene container is made from non-renewable sources of fossil fuels. They cannot be collected without the use of plastic crates, which take up considerable storage space and need to be cleaned and replaced, requiring considerable use of water and replacement material. Although the jug is square which improves the packaging, the crates take up space and part of this space is empty. A hidden part of the environmental footprint is that space conditioning uses energy sources. More trips are required between the dairy and the shop due to the transportation of dead space along with the product.
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The storm of creative thoughts a new milk container now goes beyond simple redesign. It examines the source of materials used, natural resources (water and energy) and the space requirements needed to move the product from the dairy to the store, and minimize the flow of waste generated. The green innovation is a solid, rectangular polyethylene container that reduces dead space, allowing a 50 percent reduction in collection without the need for crates. It is the right size for a standard pallet and is held together with cardboard strips and shrink wrap resulting in a 50 percent reduction in transport and fuel requirements. Cardboard and shrink wrappers are recyclable, leaving a zero waste stream for the store that sells this product. And, the consumer can still recycle the plastic container at home.
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Superior Dairy created this new dairy system and is distributing it through Costco, Sam’s Club and Wal-mart, three companies that understand the value of green innovation. Because milk used a green innovation approach, the price of a gallon of milk in the new packaging is 20-30 cents less than the traditional milk container.
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Why Innovate Green

  1. Cost and resource security. Energy and virgin material costs are no longer sustainable in the long run. Waiting until oil rises to $ 140 a barrel is not the time to start thinking about reducing energy or material use. Green innovation can help reduce costs while producing a better product, regardless of energy and commodity prices.
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  3. The market is already looking for green solutions to meet government and self-imposed demands. Wal-mart is committed to greening its supply chain. Green buildings, for example, accounted for 2 percent of all new buildings starting in 2005; in 2008 it was 6 percent and was expected to grow exponentially based on energy and long-term cost concerns. Green buildings have specific requirements for materials and energy, which must be met. If your product or process does not meet those requirements, you have lost a customer.
  4. Your competitors can get information about market advantages and innovate on your behalf.

Green Partners
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Green space is new to many industries. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to all green innovations. Every industry has its own needs that need to be pioneered. Even so, lessons can be learned across industries and a third party can help find new applications.

Partnering with green innovation experts can also help companies understand future green trends, identify products or processes that would benefit significantly from green innovation, help identify the true environmental footprint of a product, and help find ways to position products or processes for the explosive growth of the new economy.



Feeling dull for minutes – review "Not having us"


The book that is the subject of this review is a book by John Taylor Guth Imprison us: a hidden program of compulsory schooling. It is a collection of several essays and speeches written by an author advocating for the reform of the American education system.
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Gato’s main premise is that our schools do exactly what was intended, and do it brilliantly. Unfortunately, schools, however, are not designed to teach anyone; on the contrary, they are designed to bring citizens out of mass production, just as an assembly line can produce machines that are almost identical in their finished products. This process does not require teaching students – it simply requires imprisonment in the school system for a few hours a day, as well as continuing school in the form of homework and television. In fact, Gatto also includes modern television programs that promote a false education that is disguised as “schooling”.
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Instead of getting an actual education, school students follow a different kind of lesson plan. Some of the lessons they learn include confusion, class attitude, indifference, emotional dependence, intellectual dependence, temporary self-esteem, and the fact that students cannot hide. This education leads to the fact that graduates have never been given time to develop an individual, cannot self-reflect and whose self-esteem and self-confidence are entirely based on external factors such as grades, gold stars or a positive effect. performance review by supervisors. The permanent title of the school, which signals a change of period, also leads to the fact that students are taught that nothing in life should end, so nothing should be started. It’s just better to take their place, although no one can understand why they are given a place and what they should do with it if no one says what to do.
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The author also argues that the modern school system creates psychological problems in students who end up with a life full of addiction and futility. The school’s products, according to Gato, are indifferent to the world of adults and refuse to grow, they have very little curiosity, a bad sense of the future, a bad sense of the past, a middle lane aimed at other students, teachers, and others restless in any situation requiring intimacy , materialistic and unable to cope with new challenges. Understandably, these challenges make students the ideal product needed in an economy based on mass production and cheap labor.
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In terms of solutions, Gatto recommends homeschooling with an emphasis on family and community involvement. Schools, social clubs and professional organizations, as they are only networks, will not be able to replace the community and family life of the child. No matter how many networks a person has, they will not meet a person’s emotional needs. Gato gives an example of the reader’s question of how quickly they began to forget the names of classmates, teammates, or club friends, and compares this to the number of aunts and uncles that the reader forgot. It is designed to reinforce the idea that family and community ties are more important to a person’s individuality than untied ties associated with most networks.
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Gato’s conclusion is that there is no right way to teach people in general. They need to educate themselves, find their own interests and develop their own internal processes.
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Mass training will only increase the number of people who are controlled by the media and work in an economy that requires mass subordination to menial labor. Imprison us: a hidden program of compulsory schooling details the problems and solutions to the widespread psychological problems of many members of society, and guilt is blamed simply on the fact that mass-produced students who have weak family and social ties and are always fighting for “good marks” from higher education who are lonely, desperate and unhappy, they lack the experience of self-education and are indifferent to almost everything except the present environment – the perfect finished product of schooling. As Gato emphasizes, “education and schooling, as we all know, are mutually exclusive.”
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How B2B Clients Do Business Now


Keeping pace with the development of current and future clients’ minds and practices is usually a challenge for independent professionals operating in the “new economy”. Signing up a good customer is not easy, what with the tendency not to spend money being all the rage. Solopreneurs can only thrive by staying one step ahead of the client, positioned to neutralize the temptation to keep a project at home, or let it languish and die. Solopreneurs need strategies that bring billing hours. Here are the trends that B2B buyers are following now.

They research

A recent survey of employees making B2B purchases for their organizations conducted by the global consulting firm Accenture showed that 94% of buyers (your clients and prospects) research in advance possible solutions to business needs, to learn about options and save time and money.

When the B2B vendors (you!) Approach, the prospective Customer has done the job ahead. He / she already has an idea of ​​what you and your competitors can provide and a costly figure.

Entrepreneur and marketing expert Danny Wong, co-founder of online menswear company Blank Label, recommends that Solopreneurs pick up the elephant in the room and simply ask your prospects about any research they may have done and what you might do. you are able to verify or clarify.

They are skeptical

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sales “professionals” and solopreneurs have been known to misinterpret what they sell. As a result, many B2B shoppers prefer to shop online and bypass you and me. The practice was recently confirmed by Forrester Research, in a survey that found that nearly 60% of B2B buyers preferred to buy independently, without the help of a vendor.

Wong shows that demonstrating expertise and assessing the goals and circumstances of the prospect gives you credibility and helps you gain confidence, an essential process when competing for a job or a sale. Buyers will not do business if they do not trust you. Why do they need them?

No matter how desperate you are for billing hours, do not rush the process. Take the time to understand what the customer needs and how, or if, your products or services might be useful. Avoid the perception of being an aggressive salesperson and instead present yourself as a trusted advisor who wants to make the prospect look smart to his / her superiors and other colleagues.

They are in no hurry

No, it is not your imagination that making a sale takes longer than ever. Another study showed that the length of the average B2B sales cycle has increased by 22% over the last five years. While the prospect is working with beads of concern, Mr. Wong recommends that you do what you can to stay on top of the mind and try to prevent the project from falling into oblivion. Your main competitor is not one of your rivals, it is customer inertia.

Post information that can support (and speed up) decision-making, but do not overload — cure. Find out about a timeline and timeline for the project and suggest what a reasonable start time could be.

They trust the advice of anonymous “colleagues”

So do you and that is why you research hotels and restaurants on Trip Advisor and look for a contractor on Angie’s List. Accenture reports that almost 25% of B2B shoppers make decisions based almost entirely on information obtained from online “social” rating sites.

If your skills group is the one that would be on Angie’s List or a neighborhood blog, try to build a presence on those sites and build credibility that will help you get hired. LinkedIn and Facebook can be useful as a trusted source directs you to a prospective customer and your profile is researched before you get the call. Create a good profile on your chosen social media sites and make yourself look knowledgeable and credible.

They value relevant content marketing

The longer purchase cycle gives preference to those who produce long content — a newspaper or blog, case studies, white papers or podcasts. A FAQ page added to your website that gives details on how to do business with you can also be helpful. Impartial and guiding information is the essence of content marketing. Produce your own and position yourself as an expert who is qualified to do the job.

Thanks for reading,



How new technologies shape the future of the world economy


The world is on the brink of a digital revolution, innovation is disrupting the way we do everything from the use of appliances and gadgets to financial transactions.

New asset classes

The digital economy is growing rapidly around the world. The modern digital economy is characterized by the creation of new asset classes and the digitization of traditional assets. New technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (Internet of Things) and 3D printing, are playing a key role in the development of this growth.

New technologies represent assets that may dominate the global economy in the future. For example, in the blockchain there are virtual coins and tokens, the popularity of which has grown exponentially in a short period of time.

Great players coming into the game

Blockchain allows users to execute transactions securely and much faster than traditional methods. Features of the blockchain have attracted many well-known technology and financial companies, including IBM, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase and Boeing. For example, IBM recently teamed up with financial technology company Stronghold to release a dollar-backed cryptocurrency called Stronghold USD. This virtual currency is an example of how consumer confidence in a traditional asset (in this case a dollar currency) is used to support a digital asset.

There are also examples where companies combine two new technologies to provide solutions for the future. Aerospace giant Boeing recently announced a partnership with artificial intelligence company SparkCognition to develop blockchain-based traffic management solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Game changer

Asset tokenization is not limited to traditional assets such as currencies. The new market can use the intrinsic value of a wide variety of assets to provide security tokens. Blockchain can be a differentiating factor between security tokens and traditional securities. Using smart contracts on the blockchain eliminates the need for an intermediary, thereby reducing transmission costs. This ease of use of the blockchain can significantly affect the traditional banking system. It can also eliminate the need for money as a medium exchange, as all assets are liquid, instantly available and divisible.

Automation and artificial intelligence have already made their mark in many markets. Trafficking algorithms have overtaken human traffickers. In the manufacturing sector, machines have taken up a lot of work that people used to do.

The need for a new structure

In this rapidly changing economy, it is no longer possible to rely on traditional models and decision-making methods. To keep up with new developments such as DAO, AI, VR, P2P and M2M, a new structure needs to be developed. In other words, we need to go beyond Munger’s mental models and focus on digital models such as network theories and exponential growth models.

Digitization of our economy is happening fast. Over time, we will get a clearer picture of what events will dominate this new Web 3.0 economy, but it is clear that this economic revolution is happening on a global scale.


Meadowlark Economics: Sustainability, Economics and the Environment


Is it possible for the economy and the environment to survive and thrive in harmony?

“Yes,” says Professor James Eggert in his new book, “Greenspan’s Anguish (Thoreau as an Economic Prophet and Other Essays).”

“Ecology and economics have the same prefix, eco-, from the Greek oikos, which literally means ‘home’. The original definition of economy meant a careful custody of household resources, while ecology forces us to try to understand and appreciate interconnected relationships within the ‘home’ of nature.I believe these two families are becoming more interdependent and their future increasingly closely linked.When we fail to calculate ecological values ​​or see the connections, we pave the way for losses that are unwanted and unwanted, “writes Professor Eggert in his essay, The Meadowlark Economy.

“Greenspan’s Anguish” contains 19 essays that explore the relationship between economics and the environment, sustainability and our relationship to the universe.

In addition to The Meadowlark Economy, which examines the value of the meadow, both as a symbol of what has gone wrong with our economy and as a symbol of what is essential to our existence, the book includes “Thoreau as the Economic Prophet,” “Finches of Darwin and the Mustangs of Ford, “” Then the Sun Came, “” Crafts and Salvation, “and” The Coming Repair Age. “

“The author is an economist – but not committed to the prevailing theology of his profession. Economists mainly work with the dedication of beavers to the great goal of More … now comes James Eggert, one of a small school of economists that has started think outside the box … there are delightful discussions about meadows, about the nature of capitalism, about the ‘economist’ Henry David Thoreau, about craftsmanship and high jumps, about the upper earth and the art of repair, and many other things that make up a be joyful and full. ” (From Foreword by Bill McKibben).

“The author is an excellent teacher of economics, whose vision goes beyond his chosen discipline. This book will touch even those readers far removed from bad science.” (Alfred L. Malabre Jr. – former economics editor at The Wall Street Journal).

James Eggert is a writer and faculty member at the University of Wisconsin – Stout where he taught undergraduate students for 33 years. He is also the author of “What is the Economy (Fourth Edition)”, “Invitation to the Economy”, “Low Cost Land Shelters”, “The Taos Miracle” and “The Meadowlark Economy”.

“Greenspan’s Anguish” (copyright 2013; Green Dragon Books) is available at most local bookstores or online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell’s Books, Green Dragon Books .



As marketing changes – a complex economy raises new strategies


Thirty-five years is a long time. That’s how long I’ve run my company, Mid-Hudson Marketing. Enough time to see all sorts of economic climate. Fortunately, throughout each of them marketing continued to provide a livelihood.

Economies are growing and falling, spinning, but marketing is a discipline practiced by the most successful businesses. Marketing is one of those professions that relies on innovative thinking, creativity and psychological manipulation. Using such techniques, a smart marketer finds ways to circumvent obstacles such as intimidation tactics used by some media outlets in an economic downturn. When the masses are convinced that the end is near, a savvy marketer sees this as an opportunity to give exactly what is needed: a way to restore life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

One way to do this is to ignore the storm of negativity in the media and stand firm in your commitment to the product or service you offer. While you may have seen a drop in demand for what you sell, you know that you still supply what you need, whether your market prefers to buy it now or not. The trick is to present its availability in a fresh, new way, unexpectedly hooking intimidated markets. Creativity and innovation come into play here. Some may call it guerrilla marketing, but I like to consider it a new level of appeal. If they want it hard enough (translate: if you make it desirable enough), they will buy!

The other day I got a call from one of my clients to say that marketing has changed. As a result of the annual dental marketing workshop, he now knows that social marketing is a new method of business marketing. of the day but with one big one reservation. He said you should address your vulnerability to competitors by posting negative comments about you, the results of which you will not have under control.

Another one of my clients enjoys Google’s ubiquitous dominance over e-commerce. Following Google’s success rules, my client’s site found itself at the top of several search results, giving it an edge over the global competition it had never dreamed of.

Yes, yes. We live in an age where sole proprietorship can compete on an equal footing with an international amateur if marketing is truly inspired. Is it possible to become part of today’s global business culture while remaining objective enough to fall behind and see the forest behind the trees? Can a marketer use the wisdom of his experience to develop new recognition strategies in uncharted waters?

One need only look at the success of such incredible entrepreneurs as Larry Page and Sergei Brin, co-founders of the company Google; Evan Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders Twitter; or Chad Harley, Steve Chen and Jowd Karim, who created YouTube; don’t forget so many others such as AppleSteve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak; MicrosoftBill Gates and Paul Allen; Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos; either eBayPierre Amidier. All of these people had a vision to create entities that would meet the needs of the new culture. In fact, some may say they created rather than met the need for culture thanks to brilliant marketing and an amazing business acumen. While all of these businesses continue to grow as time changes, how can we, as members of this society, respect the audacity of their successes?

Surprisingly, each of them moved through unexplored waters and in the process opened new horizons of technological excellence. Again, I ask, can a low business owner be inspired by such geniuses to elevate their own commerce to a level of constant prosperity despite economic uncertainty? I say that anything is possible because we are constantly in a state of economic uncertainty, be it 1975, 1995 or 2015. All you need is the belief that your work has no limits and that self-confidence is the most powerful force in accomplishing the impossible. “That you yourself were real …” – Shakespeare, Hamlet


How To Use Sampling To Improve Your Sales


I recently watched Crazy People. I must tell you, it has practically become an obsession.

Although Sterling Cooper was a traditional advertising agency, they still occasionally hit some good ideas for their clients. An example was the use of coupons.

While this article is not about using coupons in itself, we will talk about sampling to enhance your response.

Depending on the type of your business, sampling can take many forms. No doubt you have seen sampling in grocery stores.

In fact, I was at the grocery store just another day and a guy had caught fire grilling and was roasting chicken and some vegetables. And the pleasant aroma practically led you to the cooking area.

So, the boy was promoting his new line of homemade BBQ sauces and marinades … He gave customers samples of grilled chicken and vegetables marinated in his sauces.

And brother let me tell you … those were some things guuuud! And did the sampling work? I immediately bought every favor he offered. And there was a long line of others, bottles in hand ready to buy.

But it is not the thing. Sampling does not only apply to food. Let me share another example of sampling.

If you happen to be in the information business, you can provide a “sample” of your information product such as an audio example, free report, or chapters / sections of course sets or whatever.

You can provide examples for almost anything … clothes, music, tools, you call it.

According to Claude Hopkins, “the product itself should be its best seller.” Do well, produce an excellent product or service, and give people an “example” of kindness.

The samples are excellent for several reasons. First, you can use the word “FREE” in your ads to lure prospects to look for an example. And friends, word for free still have compelling power in advertising. Still still a great deal of attention. And that leads to action and capturing prospect names and contact information to follow up later.

A word of caution: Use randomly given samples. If you use hubs to sell your products, do not accidentally give these samples as desired. Make sure they show real interest and they are qualified.

An easy way to qualify distributors is for them to complete a short request and be sure to include and track requests.

Now you have some new low cost advertising tools to try. So give it a go.

Do you have an example idea? Then share with me. I like to learn what works and what does not work for other businesses.

So, until next time, I offer you success, wealth and happiness!


3 tips for marketing your tennis club


In this article, I have 3 tips that you should use for all your sales companies because they will help you get more money.

In this new economy we live in, you have to count on every dollar.

Keep these 3 tips in mind when implementing your sales campaigns.

1). Commitment.

You need to make a commitment to make every sales campaign a certain amount or start it.

Be prepared to do whatever you need and focus on the right prospects, then choose the right media and create the right offer for your ideal prospects.

The power of fixation is ready to see your company through.

You start with the ultimate goal and then develop your plan.

2). Sequence.

Next you need to match marketing.

Every day you want to search and receive a message and an offer to the perfect market.

Yeah, yeah.

Staff should look for time, even if you don’t need members.

Continue to fill the pipeline.

If you and your staff are constantly looking for prospects, you will be able to generate a lot of leads, and that’s exactly what you want.

3). Be patient.

You need to give your company enough time to work.

Which should be 2 months or less.

Make the necessary adjustments if you have to in this way, but do not stop your entire marketing campaign, because then you will have to start all over again from scratch.

And this is a waste of time and effort.

What are you all right?

Here, many clubs miss the mark, they lack the patience to stick to their marketing plans long enough to see some results.

Marketing takes time and patience.

“The marketing you do today will result in next week or next month, or depends on when prospects see your offer.”

I would advise you to send a postcard, the next postcard and if they don’t answer, call them if you can.

The best sales companies are a combination of postcards, follow-up with telemarketing.

By the way … all your marketing needs to be DRM protected, which means “Direct Response Marketing”.

Learn all you can about this powerful form of marketing.

This is a low cost and it will allow you to test your offers and get instant results so that you can customize your campaign as you see fit.

Take these 3 tips and implement them in your next sales campaign and see how much profit you get for your efforts!

I would also like to repeat this, you don’t want to spend money on your marketing.

That is.

Every dollar should be responsible, and if not, stop using it.


The new book explores the future of the global currency system


In Interviews Mr. X: Worldview from a sovereign American creditor, Luke Gromen recounts a conversation he had with a fictional US sovereign creditor to illustrate the current state of the US economy, including why the US dollar is losing its power and what that means for Americans and people around the world.

Gromen is the founder of FFTT, LLC (“Forest for Trees”), a research firm serving sophisticated institutions and individuals that brings together a wide variety of macroeconomic, thematic and sectoral trends in an unconventional way to identify economic barriers. investable for its customers. His vision was to create a firm that would address the opportunity he did not create by implementing what clients and former colleagues consistently described as a “unique ability to assemble parts of large figures” during a time when he saw a ” silo-ing “growing perspectives occurring on Wall Street and in corporate America.

Now in Mr. X Interviews, he offers an opportunity to get an overview of the world from an impartial person about the state of the economy. Although Mr. X is fictional, Gromen has made his research on the reality of the world economy clear, citing numerous studies and articles by economists and politicians who support his views on the future of the US dollar. This first volume of Mr. X Interviews – a sequel is in the works – explores the conversations of Gromen and Mr. X in 2016-2017.

Gromen does not dance around his theme. From the outset, Mr. X states, “The pace at which the USD-centered global monetary system is collapsing is accelerating dramatically.” He starts by looking at the petrodollar from 1973 to 2014 when oil was only priced in dollars globally and why the non-US world tolerated it. Now this is no longer the case. Mr X said: “Which nation would not lend to Saudi Arabia or supply the social needs of Saudi Arabia in exchange for the right to price Saudi oil in its own currency? Do you think any nation would refuse that offer?” He goes on to explain that Americans should not forget that it was oil that chose the dollar as the world’s monopoly reserve currency for oil, and not the other way around, and that the world could “solve” it.

Next, Mr. X goes on to explain why the Fed’s policies were totally discredited after 2008 because “the policies they implemented in the United States in response to the crisis were nothing more severe than those implemented in Russia in the mid-1990s, in Southeast Asia in the late 1990s, or in Argentina in the early 2000s. It was, as the protester’s sign put it, ‘Capitalism for the poor (EM / creditor economies) and socialism for the rich (US economy)’ This caught the creditors’ attention; we knew we needed to change the system. “

Mr. X continues to address the currency war and its connection to gold and oil. After all, he predicts a crisis to come, and that crisis is needed to drive change that will benefit everyone in the world (except Washington politicians and lobbyists). This crisis will be driven by five historically unique factors that no living thing has ever seen before: Demography, Geology, Debt, Economic Reality, and Repeated Weapon Holding. He explains, “Because throughout history, all sovereigns eventually pay as debts become very high. Always. They may be nominally defaulted or may not pay in real terms (i.e. Through inflation), but they always do “There is no sovereign who has no predestination.” He goes on to make it clear that the United States has also made defaults and provides examples.

Undoubtedly, the United States is already in deep economic trouble, and the Gromen states are witnessed by American “flight country” residents dying early from drug and alcohol abuse and suicide out of economic hopelessness. Solutions, however, do exist. Economists fear that President Trump will devalue the US currency, but Mr X goes on to explain that “it was only when the FDR, Winston Churchill and other political leaders of the day stopped listening to the orthodox economists of the time and began to act on their own devalued their currencies that the worst economic aspects of the recent global sovereign debt crisis (in the 1930s) began to recede ”. He also clarifies that Roosevelt’s advisers were against it to remove the United States from the gold standard, “But in the days after Roosevelt’s decision, as the dollar fell with gold, the stock market rose 15%. Financial markets gave the movement a crushing move. vote of confidence “.

After all, the debt burden facing Americans is seen by Gromen and Mr. X as the number one threat facing the United States. They support this by quoting Michael Mullen, the former Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said the biggest threat to U.S. National Security was not terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, or global warming, but the Federal debt of USA. After all, Gromen argues that the only way to resolve this issue is for the USD to depreciate.

Much more can be said about Mr. X’s Interviews, but I will leave it to the readers to discover all the detailed points of the argument. I will simply say that Gromen has written a meticulously researched and well-argued book that is understandable, a little shocking, and very educational. Not every reader can agree with it, but nonetheless, all Americans need to understand our nation’s financial situation and urge our representatives to resolve it before we find ourselves in a bigger financial crisis.


Katie Freyling’s Manifesto on the Wealth of Social Networks and the One Tribe – An Initial Review


Katie Freiling, author of the Social Media Manifesto, is an expert in using social media to promote yourself, your brand and your business. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that she is now handing out her new manifesto to promote her latest product, The One Tribe.

What is a single tribe?

According to the teasers in the manifesto, the “United Tribe” will be a means for like-minded entrepreneurs to unite and create a new economy on social media. According to Katie, this new economy will encourage people to build businesses based on their interests and life goals. It should be an economy based on cooperation, not on competition, in which everyone helps everyone else get social protection and social noise by promoting each other’s goods on their own lists.

The United Tribe, which opens in late April 2010 (more than a week after its manifesto was released), also allegedly provides an automated content syndication system and perpetual traffic that will provide each member with maximum exposure through social media every second member. It will also contain university social networks and blogs.

Can the Manifesto stand alone?

But what about the manifesto itself? Well, based on my initial reading, two things are clear.

First, the material is based on and reinforces the information provided in a free video course on income conversion on social media, which Katie distributes on her blog. Since Katie has successfully made a good profit using these techniques, they are obviously working.

Second, Katie was obviously listening to her teacher Eben Pegan, who is a leading advocate of “moving the free line”. That is, Eben believes that you should do your best to increase the value of your prospects, including handing out the best material.

And that’s exactly what Katie seems to have done in her manifesto. Even without the “One Tribe,” anyone who implements information in the manifesto is sure to see a significant, long-term increase in site visits. And at the same time, there will probably be very high conversion traffic.

Among the topics covered:

  • How to create and structure your own social network,
  • How to automate relationship building,
  • How to develop your social networks,
  • What and how to promote, and
  • How is it all monetized

Combined with The Unified Tribe, since the site hasn’t been up for more than a week, we’ll have to wait and see. But if there are any signs in the manifesto, the combination could be dynamite!

I would encourage everyone to at least read Katie’s manifesto and then decide if you want to check out the new website when it opens next week.